Positivity and Negativity in Social media

Positivity and Negativity in Social media

Social media hit their audience directly and also hit every single sector in this world and in this time every single person is socialized and everyone is on the internet. Social media works like sugar in everything, like mix-up with everything either it, is a good or bad situation, every single situation put an effect on social media and after this, we get a reaction from the relevant situation. The best thing about social media is to keep us together in this stage.

Social media in Covid-19

Business has to be closed, sporting events canceled, school, college has to be closed because of the Covid-19, everything has to be shut down, we all are stuck and locked in our houses but there is one thing who is running continuously which is “Social media”. Earlier as I said social media work like a well-behaved person in the bad situation also and I think in each and & every single month social media need a new topic and 2020 topic of the year goes to “Covid-19”. In this whole year, we have one single topic which we see everywhere is Covid-19. New and old both generation is connected to the internet and everyone has their account on the social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and when we are locked (thanks to the Covid-19) in our houses so we all are on the social media every-time, we read blog’s, article’s, online newspapers, watching videos, etc. every single thing which is related to the Covid-19 and we used to it.

Social media

Positive and Negative side of Social media

Lockdown is like an android version for us, each and every single month lockdown has to be updated himself but in NUMBERS of Covid-19 positive patient but the interesting thing is it’s updated automatically, we just got a notification but still we can’t do anything, just watch to increasing the no. of positive cases and we got all of this updates from Social media. But if we talk about the positive and negative side of social media in Covid-19 so yes they have both sides and I remember someone asked me about this and the question is-” Do Social media harm our society?”, my answer is “Yes”. If you got any fake news so firstly it’s our responsibility to check that news through various resources and find out the real fact that it is accurate or not and also tell our friends and family members to be aware of this type of news. We all don’t know that “How long it will go?” so be aware of the fake news, unnecessary things. Just believe in the fact.

Positivity also come through the social media like what kind of things we watched and hear, it’s all on us. The best time to start jogging, yoga, exercise, work on your hobbies and improvise them and learn new skills from the social media. There are millions of examples on Social media. One single person is not responsible for this situation so just live in this moment and enjoy it. Explore more things and share with your friends and families.

People love to share their experience

In this scary time social media like a weapon for all us in every way. People are on the internet and it’s time to restart or rework on the uncompleted things. This time social media working in every field either we can order grocery or ELearning or WFH (Work from home) etc. People love to share their experiences through social media and they update their posts and stories either on Facebook or Instagram

It’s not over yet, war of Covid-19 is still on his way.

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