Things To Do In Jaipur In 2021

Things To Do In Jaipur In 2021

Jaipur always famous among travelers and still creating curiosity among them and the reason is there are no. of historical places and mainly the history of this city. There are no. of places which is always in the bucket list of travelers even Jaipur is one of the popular city to Visit either for the outsider or the locals. Because there is some magic in this city, magic in the street, magic in the places, magic in their food. 

There are no. of Things to do in Jaipur:

Enjoy the Sunrise at Jal Mahal:

Jal Mahal, Jaipur

Enjoy the Sunrise is always the best option to start your day and Jal Mahal is the best place to enjoy the Sunrise. Jal Mahal is a place which is located in the middle of “Man Sagar Lake“. This is a Five Store building, and four floors remain in the water. It is located at Amer Road. This place looks different in the morning and the reason is Sunrise. People love to walk here and clicks the photos also because no one wants to miss this chance to see the Sun with naked eyes. 

Visit the Pink City Market: 

Pink City
Pink City, Jaipur

I think if you want to explore a city and know the facts why this is so special then the other city so the best part is to explore the market of that specific city. A local market is always the best place because through this you can know more about that place, know about the living style of their locals also. The Badi Chaupar has another name is “Manak Chowk” and it’s the main market of Jaipur city where you can get all kinds of stuff either it’s saree, jewelry, etc. Even you can enjoy the street food.

Historical Forts of Jaipur: 

Forts of Jaipur
Forts of Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for its historical places and there are 3 majestic forts In Jaipur that have their history and still every single year number of visitors come here to know about the history and find out the reason behind to make these forts. 

  • The first one is the Amer Fort, in the earlier time it was the residence of the Royal Family of Jaipur. It was located in Amber Town and the distance from Jaipur city is around 12km. It was constructed by Maharaj Man Singh in 1592. There is the Mavtha Lake where you can show the actual shadow of Amer Fort.
  •  Another one is the Jaigrah Fort, the neighbor of Amer Fort and it was built by the Maharaja Jai Singh ll in 1726. Asia’s largest cannon “Jaivana Cannon” is located at this place, and grabs the attraction of explorers. The reason behind making this fort is to secure the Amer Fort. 
  • The last one is the Nahargarh Fort, it’s located at the edge of Aravalli hills and you can enjoy the 360 views of Jaipur city from this fort. The amazing part of this Fort is the Madhvendar Bhawan had 12 Identical suites for each of the 12 Queens of Sawai Madho Singh who was the founder of this fort.

Taste the Street Food: 

Street Food of Jaipur
Street Food of Jaipur

Every city has its specialty especially in the food or you can say mostly city known by their food. In earlier days, Jaipur was the city of the Royal Family and the ruler of the family was the Rajputs and they love to eat Dal Baati, the famous Rajasthani food, and the best place to taste it is Chokhi Dhani.  After visiting this place, you will know about the actual Rajasthan. 

There are some other names as famous as the best street food place in Jaipur i.e. Rawat Mishtan Bhandar famous Kachori, Gulab Ji Chai, Sodhani Sweets, Samrat Jalebi, Pandit Kulfi, Lassiwala, etc. 

Take a Tour to Jantar Mantar and City Palace: 

City Palace, Jantar Mantar
City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

The reason to add these both places at one single place is these both are neighbors of each other. Both tell the history of Jaipur city. 

In earlier day, City Palace was the residence of Royal Family. This place has different sections, there are the gallery, library, halls, museums, etc. So every single one tells you the story about Pink city and the history. 

In 1734, Maharaja Jai Singh ll constructed five astronomical observations in India, and one of them is the Jantar Mantar. The instrument in this place is used to observe the astronomical position, and you can easily see with naked eyes. 

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Visit Hawa Mahal:

Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal

One of the finest and attractive architectures of Jaipur city is Hawa Mahal and the best part about this place is located at the Badi Chaupar which is the central market of Pink city. 

There are 953 small windows called “Jharokhas“, and this place especially for the Royal Ladies of Jaipur so they can easily observe the daily activity of Jaipur locals. Actually, in the earlier times, the Ladies of the Royal Family of Jaipur were not allowed to show their face in public so they used the “Purdah” 

Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh the grandson of Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh built this structure in 1799.

Explore the Albert Hall:

Albert Hall
Albert Hall

The reason to painted Pink of Jaipur city is the Prince Albert visited the city and here is the name Albert came. The Albert Hall is the museum of Jaipur city. Every visitor has a question in their mind is “Why Jaipur is Famous As Pink City?

It’s the oldest museum of state Rajasthan, and located in Ram Niwas Garden, opposite of the Pink walls of Jaipur. The museum collection is spread across the ground and first floor and is divided into fifteen categories namely metal art, pottery, jewelry, garments & textiles, arms & armor, miniature paintings, musical instruments, clay art, sculptures, marble art, furniture & wooden art, carpet, international art, ivory, and coins. 

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