Topic of the year (2020) goes to “Covid-19”

Topic of the year (2020) goes to “Covid-19”

There is no nomination of the topic of the year and if it is so Topic of the year (2020) goes to Covid-19. 2020 comes with a jackpot and see what we got in Jackpot “Covid-19”. It is a memorable year for everyone because of Covid-19. Everything has to been stopped school, colleges, offices, market. Etc. The economy goes down, everything has to been shut down.

Positive and Negative side of Covid-19: –

Firstly, here I’m talking about the positive side. I know Covid-19 forces the community to be lockdown at their places, it doesn’t matter that we love it or not but it is compulsory for everyone because the situation is not in our hands and I think in current scenario people love their life and they enjoy it, they are far from their Hustle & Bustle life. People are right now giving the proper time to their hobbies, their families and they realized the actual meaning of their life. People are now aware of how important it is to keep yourself clean and fit. The scenario has totally changed form shaking hands to Namaste.

People during Covid-19

Everything has the positive and negative sides and the negative side of Covid-19 is to increase the no. of positive cases, and right now it’s around 1,50,60,010 active cases worldwide. Just because of these people lose their job, facing the loss in their business still, we don’t know how long it will go with us. Yet the scenario like mostly peoples are on the road without any food, money, transport facility and also cover-up their distance by road.

Is there any Vaccine or not-?

It’s hard to hear that there is no vaccine of Covid-19, even WHO (World Health Organization) said that we have to live with it and they said the situation will be worse in the future. But they also said to live with this situation is not a big deal if you have to follow some rules: –

  1. Always sanitize your hands around 20 seconds.
  2. Wear the mask when you go or come from the outside.
  3. Stay away from the fake news.
  4. Make the Social Distancing.
  5. Daily exercise makes you fit and healthy.

This whole year Covid-19 with us, we can’t do anything because the situation is not in our hands and yet we have no solution, even all country’s Government’s said the same thing and yes it’s Hide & Seek game so we have to play this because we all are survivors and one day we will win, I know the situation is tuff but if we look forward and focus on the brighter side so this is just a hard time.

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