What is OTT?

What is OTT?

“Over the top” is an online content provider and a way to connect with people directly without pay any cable charges and satellite pay-TV, it’s a new term on the internet. It’s a bridge between the television and digital video. OTT services are easily available on the internet, especially for broadband users.


 It’s a headache for cable companies

I don’t think so, because good news is OTT services are available on the internet and user have to pay for the broadband and bad one is they don’t need to pay any kind of cable connection and satellite TV. It’s not a headache for cable companies especially for the broadband distributor because it’s a way to promote their services and their brand also. OTT doesn’t need any door to door promotion.

Why we need OTT?

On average, OTT consumers use mobile devices for more than 6 hours a day and they love to watch their content on mobile rather than Television. 52% of US adults over 18 use OTT. Here is some key point which defines the need of OTT-

  • OTT gives high-quality content right in your hand and also at a low cost. Netflix HD subscription is 12.99$ per month and a non HD subscription is 8.99$ and I think it’s a reasonable price for everyone.
  • OTT provides original content, especially Netflix and Amazon Prime both are the original content provider.
  • OTT gives compatibility with multiple devices at the same time, before this user was stuck with the television at one single place but after this, any account holder enjoys their OTT service.

Thing required to be the part of OTT service: –

Thanks to the internet especially the broadband connection that helps to close the gap between the users and OTT services. The thing which is needed to be the part of OTT service is an internet connection and compatible hardware device (Mobile, Smart TV, Laptop, Tablet).

Type of content on OTT: –

  • Video streaming is the most widely content on OTT platform. Netflix and Amazon prime are popular examples.
  • Audio streaming also possible through OTT. Examples include radio stations and podcasts.

 At the end and according to resources OTT is best either in content way or incompatibility way. It’s like the right thing at the right time on the right hand. People take more interest in OTT rather than the Television because of the original content and their affordable charges.

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