Why Jaipur is famous as Pink city?

Why Jaipur is famous as Pink city?

People think that Pink is just a color but who knows that one day it became the identity of a city. So Jaipur is widely known as Pink City in the world or we can say that Jaipur is known by the name “Pink city” in the world, there are lots of stories we have heard about the Jaipur to make Pink city but there is a story behind this.

Hawa Mahal

Why Jaipur is a Pink city?

Jaipur was painted Pink in the welcome of Prince Albert during his 1876 tour of India by Maharajah Sawai Ram Singh II and Prince Albert spent around 17 weeks for their royal duty but after some time he felt tired and lonely because he was without his wife, Victoria but at that time Maharajah Sawai Ram Singh || was the richest and one of the powerful man of India so he didn’t want to miss that chance to impress the British council and gain a personal relationship with a British family.

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Maharajah Sawai Ram Singh || got success and he was to ensure Prince Albert and Queen Victoria would visit Jaipur and then he constructed the Albert Hall, the center heart of Jaipur city. After Prince Albert welcomes the Maharajah set to repainted the whole city.

The moment you will arrive in Jaipur you will notice that the walls and Badi Chopar the Main market of Jaipur are painted in “Pink” terracotta color. The color represents Hospitality and the interesting thing is the Queen loves this color and wants to remain it in the city. She talked to Maharaja to make a law that every house in Jaipur should be in the Pink color. Then the law was passed in 1877.

Pink city has its own different vibes, different culture also the way of living style is also different. Basically, Jaipur is all about forts, heritage locations, shopping, jewelry, and there are no. of hidden places in Jaipur that still grab the attention of visitors from all around the world.

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