Why Jaipur is Still on the Bucket List of Travelers?

Why Jaipur is Still on the Bucket List of Travelers?

People think about Jaipur is just a desert area or platform of historical places but still, there are many more left in Jaipur the Pink city.

Jaipur is the capital of State Rajasthan and is widely known as the Pink city in the world. Jaipur is also one of the finest tourist attractions places in India. Jaipur was built in 1727 by Maharajah Jai Singh ll. Jaipur is more than the desert, there are lots of forts that have their history. Every single year no. of tourists come here to find out the history of Jaipur city and explore the beauty of Pink city.

Jaipur city is also famous for its architecture and the history of the Royal family. Jaipur was well designed by Maharajas Jai Singh ll in 1727 and still, Jaipur is the same. One of the specialties of Pink city is surrounded by the Aravalli hills and forts include Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Nahargarh Fort. These all three Fort is still on the Aravalli hills and creates curiosity among the travelers “How can someone made that kind of Architecture?”

From the various resources, Jaipurtale finds out there are no. of hidden places in Jaipur which is always in the traveler’s bucket lists. Peoples want to visit the city, explore it, find out the histor

y of Pink city, etc. Every single foreign tourist and Indians also want to travel the Jaipur once in a lifetime and the main reason behind this is the beauty of this city that attracts everyone and the history who make the Pink city.

Why Jaipur is Famous as Pink city?

This is one of the demandable questions in the traveler’s mind. The Jaipur was painted Pink in the welcome of Prince Albert in 1867 by Maharajah Sawai ram Singh ll. At that time Maharajah is one of the powerful men in India so he won’t miss the chance to impress Prince Albert and the British Council also. Maharajah got success in this and then he constructs the Albert hall now it’s the Museum of Jaipur city.

Apart from the Pink color of Jaipur city, there are several sightseeing locations and the relevant things of the city who became Jaipur is still famous:-

1. The architecture of Jaipur city.
2. Street food especially one is Dal Bati Churma the Rajasthan iconic food.
3. Different dressing styles.
4. Jewelry
5. History who creates curiosity.
6. Local market.
7. Temples and the different styles of their architecture.
8. Surrounded by the Aravalli hills.
9. Bagru print fabric cloths and bedsheets.
10. Blue pottery.
11. Lehariya saree.
12. Mojris.
13. Handcrafted handbags.
14. Meenakari work items.
15. Lac bangles.

The best time to visit Jaipur is (October-March) the winter season. In the winter season, you have the chance to explore more about Jaipur and its culture. BecausDiwali is one of the favorite festivals in India and Jaipur is on the top to celebrate this and in January the kite festival is celebrated which is unfamiliar for tourists. In March the Holi (color festival of India) is also famous and the tourists show their interest to know the reason behind celebrating this.

In the end, I must say once in a life visit the Jaipur and explore the beauty of the Pink city.

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